Who are we?

Bab Al-Kheir Society for Volunteer Work is a social organization with legal status founded in Amman in 2008. It operates under the Law of “Associations and Social Organizations” and is affiliated to the Ministry of Social Development in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

Bab Al-Kheir Society is committed to the establishment of an organized volunteerism system based on institutionalization, away from random rushes of aid. It also has taken upon itself to revive the concept of “volunteer work empowerment” out of its belief that empowerment is a safety valve for societies as it ensures the full employment of the capacities, resources, talents, and experiences buried by poverty, orphanhood, and deprivation, in addition to its positive role in raising self-esteem among these groups, and making them able to give rather than to receive.

Consistent with its vision, Bab Al-Kheir has attracted out-of-the-box leading youth initiatives and programs, and shifted from “immediacy” to achieve sustainability, and thus demonstrated an impressive record of achievements, the most prominent of which will be briefly highlighted in this leaflet.

Our Mission

To contribute to the activities of welfare and social development by enabling experienced and skilled volunteers to communicate with the concerned parties to benefit from their energies in various fields in order to develop society as well as deepen and consolidate the concept of volunteerism.

Our Vision

To build a solidary society in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.


  • Consolidating the concepts of solidarity and volunteerism.
  • Developing volunteerism in the Jordanian society and in all areas of life on an effective professional bases.
  • Cooperating with volunteer institutions in Jordan, and building a network of relationships with the concerned institutions.
  • Granting honorary degrees to give a symbolic value to volunteerism within the standards set by the institution.