Make A Wish



We strive for excellence in giving and reaching out to humanitarian situations in innovative ways to realize their dreams and make them effective and sustainable forces in society.


To promote the principles of solidarity, cooperation and giving, in the Arab world, among the ones seeking to achieve their dreams and the ones contributing to the realization of others’ dreams, and thus bringing hope, happiness and positivity to the hearts of people.


To develop the needy societies by improving their conditions, fulfilling their needs and strengthening the bonds between the members of society under the principle of solidarity.

Make a Wish Umrah

Bab Al-Kheir believes that achieving distant dreams is a pleasure and a joy of heart which can not be described. Hence, “Tabat Ayadikum Initiative” (Your hands are blessed) was launched as a token of gratitude to our mothers and fathers who have never got to visit the Holy House. A volunteer team fulfills their dream from the moment their passports are issued until their return from the Holy Land after the completion of Umrah.